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4 Red Carpet Beauty Secrets From Lady Gaga's Makeup Artist

4 Red-Carpet Beauty Secrets To Use Every Day

This year's Cannes Film Festival has wrapped up, but we're still amazed by the beauty looks — and much of those glamorous looks were created by a trio of the world's most in-demand hair and makeup artists. Colourist Christophe Robin, hairstylist John Nollet (pictured), and makeup artist Billy B, all L'Oréal ambassadors, tended to stars such as Marion Cotillard and Freida Pinto. Here, they share their advice on how you can achieve a bit of Croisette-level glamour in your everyday life. Read more.

Get in the mood When doing your makeup, don't worry about pairing the perfect shade to compliment your ensemble. Instead, think of the overall impression you want to create. Speaking about his own work at Cannes, makeup artist Billy B says, "I don't ever match makeup to an outfit in terms of colour, but a feeling." Envision the complete look before you start, and let the inspiration guide you.

Go big — for the right occasion "Cannes is extremely glamorous," says Robin. "What I love about it is that the actresses who are in the movie have a legitimacy, so they can dress up and do the big thing. When it's not their movie and they're just going to see it, they are more subtle, more humble about it." Although most of us won't be facing flashbulbs in the South of France anytime soon, we still have big events to attend: weddings, dinner parties, job interviews, and the like. Before heading out the door for an important affair, consider the context. Lime-green hair extensions might be cool for girls' night out, but less appropriate for Great-Aunt Mildred's 95th birthday brunch.

Take risks While it's good to know what style works for you, being open to new ideas is a surefire way to keep your look fresh. Even if trying something new means risking an occasional misstep, the overall effect is a positive one. Nollet points to Cannes juror Diane Kruger, who shows off a different hairstyle for practically every event. "She has the habits that other women don't have about changing clothes, changing hair, and changing makeup," he says, noting that her earlier stint in fashion prepared her for her unflappable red-carpet style. "She plays with that and she loves that."

Know yourself It's been said before, but the advice is eternally useful: to feel beautiful, see yourself as beautiful. "You have to be who you are, and you have to express yourself," advises Billy B. "And whatever that is, it's going to give a confidence that is chic. Once you do that, you'll have the self-confidence that you can go anywhere."

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