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5 Minutes With Miranda Kerr's Yoga Instructor Charlotte Dodson!

5 Minutes with Miranda Kerr's Yoga Guru, Charlotte Dodson

Yoga-instructor-to-the-stars Charlotte Dodson personally designed Miranda Kerr's yoga regime and taught a class for this season's Australia's Next Top Model contestants, so we thought it was time to catch up with her to talk about the benefits of yoga and how to get Miranda's body!

BellaSugar: How did you come to be involved in teaching yoga?
Charlotte Dodson:
Yoga actually found me — it was a blessing in disguise! It became a huge part of my healing protocols after I broke my right arm in a surfing accident. It was my awakening to the life-altering benefits of this practice — after a decade of studying, participating and teaching across four continents, yoga is now my full-time focus. I realised there was much more I could offer to others in life, more ways I could serve the greater good. Yoga is my pure passion and it will stay with me for the rest of my days.

Keep reading for more on Charlotte's yoga teachings to Miranda Kerr . . . <strong>

Bella: You teach Miranda Kerr, Rachael Finch and various other celebrities. With so many yoga instructors around the world, what do you believe sets you apart?
CD:</strong> I've found that my style and energy seem to resonate with what they are seeking in an instructor and guide. In some cases, it perhaps leans more towards the spiritual dimension I bring to a session whereas with others it's a case of feeling comfortable with my easy-going personality. With any yoga teacher and style, it's a personal choice — I'm very blessed to have such clients endorse my approach to yoga instruction!<strong>

Bella: How did you help Miranda bounce back to such incredible shape after having Flynn?
CD:</strong> Miranda is naturally beautiful and being truly healthy in all aspects of her life, including both her yoga practice and food choices, it's not surprising that she's bounced back into beach-body shape so quickly — motherhood has brought an even-greater glow to her loveliness! Miranda follows a dynamic yoga regime I've personally designed for her, incorporating all her favourite poses. This would certainly aid her in maintaining the "elasticity" of her muscles and tendons.<strong>

Bella:</strong> For someone looking to achieve a physique like Miranda's, how would they have to dedicate themselves to practicing yoga?
CD: I'd encourage any participant wanting to look and feel their best to practice on a daily basis, whether it be for 20 minutes or an hour. This could range from a dynamic movement of several poses to "simply" sitting in meditation. Like anything in life, the more you practice something, the more you'll reap its benefits! Yoga changes your body shape and your life for the better!

Bella: Why do you think yoga is so popular with celebrities?
We all need to build strength, gain flexibility, remain grounded and find balance in our journey. Practicing yoga can give everyone a time out from the challenges in life, including those who find themselves in the public eye — it'll allow them to rest, rejuvenate and "be" with themselves<strong>.

</strong>Bella: What was it like working with the girls on Australia's Next Top Model, and what do you believe they got out of the class, personally and physically?
CD: It was fantastic to work with the girls. As with any competitive event, it is a challenging environment and thus requires full focus and balanced emotions for any contestant to achieve their winning goal. I feel that they enjoyed the class, and that they had a good "taste" of the depth and possibility that lies at the heart of a regular yoga practice. This is a reason why Miranda is so drawn to yoga — she understands that life is there to cherish and, that every day is a day to be grateful for, and she embodies the truth that life will return to you the same appreciation that you give to it.<strong>

Bella: You've just launched an online organic lifestyle boutique featuring clothing, beauty and lifestyle products. Do you practice an organic lifestyle?
CD:</strong> The organic boutique is filled with hidden gems that I use and adore —  the store arose from my wish to share these amazing products with everyone else. I live an organic lifestyle wherever possible, which is a balancing act, and something I love and enjoy. It's amazing how great you feel when you feed yourself with goodness on all levels, especially when you know the planet is benefiting as well!

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