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7 Places You Might Forget to Apply Sunscreen — But Shouldn't

7 Places You Might Forget to Apply Sunscreen — But Shouldn't

Nothing ruins a strapless maxi quicker than tell-tale sunburn marks where you didn't quite reach the centre of your back. Even if you think you've been super-careful, it can still result in unwanted burns. It probably goes without saying that most of us are as thorough as possible with our shoulders, backs, necks, arms, and legs, but here are a few places you might want to double check before heading out into the intense heat . . .

Upper ears: Peeling, blistery ears? Ouch. Believe me, if it happens one time, you'll never let it happen again.

Hair part: The top of your head is often the first place the sun's rays hit. Be sure to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin on the scalp — especially your part. Better yet, wear a cute straw hat. Otherwise everyone will think you've got a serious case of dandruff. Just sayin'.

Under arms: Falling asleep in the sun with arms stretched behind your head leaves plenty of exposed skin. Pay close attention to the back and underside of the arms to avoid an unpleasant burn that could leave you extreme pain.

Tops of feet: Wading in the water is nice. Burning the tops of your feet while wading in the water is not. Use protection.

Eyelids: A burn on the eyelids and brow bone area is harsh, so you should double the protection by applying sunscreen and wearing sunnies that protect again UVA and UVB rays.

Under straps: Straps and clothing/swimmers shift as you move your body throughout the day. Take extra special care to apply sunscreen not only to the areas around your clothing and swimsuits, but directly underneath them, too.

Lips: While you might think wearing gloss to the beach looks pretty, you won't be thinking that when your lips have gone a purpley colour and feel swollen. Remember, shiny surfaces attract the sunlight so switch up that gloss for a lip product that has SPF in.

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