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All About Acrylic Nails 2009-10-23 08:00:03

Fake 'Em Till You Make 'Em: Acrylic Nails 101

There are few people round who are blessed with long, perfect nails a la Dita von Teese. Most are using at least a little — OK a lot — of acrylic nail powder. Acrylic powder is a polymer that, when combined with a setting agent, creates a resin with properties similar to your natural nails except even stronger and more flexible.

So it's a great way to cover up a myriad of nail issues and a life-saver even for non-biters and people who've never had a chip. The best way to use acrilyic powder is . . .

Structural support: as your nails get longer they almost always get thinner too and the extra length increases the risk of cracks and chips. A little dab of acrylic though can keep even the most fragile nails together and protects from breakage.

To add a little length: you like your nail length for daily wear but maybe it would be nice to have a little more. Acrylic tips are . . . Keep reading a good choice because unlike glue-on nails which cover your entire nail, the tips just stick on the end of the nails you already have and look a lot more natural. They also stay on until you get them taken off, not until the nail glue wears out.

To change your nails' shape after a bad manicure: wver had a mani where you walked out with a shape that made you want to cry? This is where acrylics come in. You can get tips in any shape you like, from square to almond, and they'll stay on until your natural nails have had a chance to grow out.


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