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Aussie Hairdressers Not Paid Minimum Wage

Aussie Hairdressers Landed With a Bad Cut

It seems that Aussie hairdressers and beauty therapists are a little on the short-changed side with The Fair Work Ombudsman having to step in and recoup $23,000 from 27 Victorian hairdressing and beauty salons that underpaid their staff. Nationwide, 130 salons were found guilty of underpaying 223 members of staff by $140,000.

The Acting Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James, said that there had been a growing number of complaints from workers, many of whom were so "keen to get a start in the industry," that they’ve overlooked or accepted being underpaid. Some were paid in foreign currency, while others had money deducted to pay for products needed in the salons. If you're in the industry, you can find more info on the minimum wage here.

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