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Australis Launches Super Cheap, Super Chic Pocket Palette

Pocket Rocket: Australis' Latest Palette is Cheap and CHIC

Question: What's tiny enough to fit into your clutch, ah-mazing enough to impress your friends, cheap enough to get before pay day, and worthwhile enough for you to read this?

Answer: Australis' NEW Pocket Palette ($12.95). The fact that it's a palette that costs less than 13 bucks makes it a worthwhile purchase in my humble opinion. But there's so, so many more reasons to make it yours. It features 12 Australis IntesnsifEYE Eyeshadow shadows and I would wear all 11 of them — never been a mad baby blue fan. Too '80s. But each to their own. Standout shades include a divine metallic midnight blue which will be perfect for creating a navy smoky eye; an Alberta Ferretti-esque green; and a punchy purple that's just like a not-yet-released shade from Bobbi Brown that I spied on a fellow beauty ed yesterday. Joining them are a bright pink blush, a shimmering bronzer and five lip shades that are perfect for Spring: there's a berry in there, an award-winning baby pink and a sheer watermelon gloss. Gorgeous. The brushes aren't great, but peeps, whaddya expect when it's cheaper than lunch in Sydney?

Australis Pocket Palette ($12.95) launched yesterday. Stockists: 1300 650 981

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