If the 2017 AMAs have taught us anything it's that Selena is a babe and BTS (the K-pop band the world is losing its sh*t over, and I've only just found out about) have the smoothest skin ever seen.

How did I not realise this sooner? I guess I've never been to that part of the internet before, but now that I have, I can't unsee, which means you shouldn't either.

RM (that's Rap Monster for long), J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V, Jimin and Jungkook make up BTS (originally short for Bulletproof Boy Scouts, but also known as Beyond the Scene, Bangtan Sonyeondan and Bangtan Boys (for confusion, surely)) who are partial to a smoky-eye and seem to have the skincare routines of seasoned beauty junkies. If their AMAs red carpet glow is anything to go by.

After some digging (and this Allure interview with the group) it's clear these boys know their angles and definitely know their way around a beauty counter better than most. Their faces are a thing of wonder.

"Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it's equally important to take good care of my skin — that's a pivotal part of my face," Jin told Allure.

I mean, V has a plane skincare routine! "On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much." He also vlogs about his nightly routines and introduces his fans to his pimples — can you believe?!

Rap Monster dabbles in sheet masks (explains the glow) and I'm dead. "My favourite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work."

For J-Hope it's all about the process, clearly. "[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream. [At night, the steps are] toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream." And regular dermatologist visits, "I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work." Ahhh, the life of a K-pop star.

Despite their flawless face skin it's Jungkook who is speaking our language when it comes to pimples. "I get pimples sometimes, and it's very stressful," he shared. Guessing it would be stressful when you're blessed with such glorious skin.

For more proof that BTS are the gods of beauty, enjoy these photos.