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Q) Is It Bad, Like Really, Really Bad, to Sleep With Wet Hair?

I increasingly hate using my hairdryer. I try and be all good and beauty editory, saying I just don't want to do too much heat damage but that's a lie. Gasp. It's because I'm lazy and canne be arsed blow-drying, straightening and then put a loose wave throughout so I cut out the first man (middle man gets to stay) and just straighten/wave produce instead. I wash my hair in the night and leave it to dry naturally but — and this is where my point comes in case you were wondering — I often sleep with it wet. When I told somebody this the other day they looked as though I'd confessed to handing over my *first-born to a pack of goats. I thought it was always fine to do so, but then I started to question myself so I put an email into Man in the Know: Mr. Brad Ngata, hairdresser to the stars and well, me. He was all "Chillax, Bells, it's fine. Your hair will dry softer and just think of the less thermal damage you're doing." I was still freaking out so he did conceed that I might catch a chill in this cold weather. Whatevs. If that's all, then imma stick with my towel-drying. Thanks Bradoodles. Do you sleep with wet hair or never ever?

*There is no first-born and there are no goats but I really wanted you to be right there with me.

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sandyg68 sandyg68 7 years
When i was younger i used to go to bed with wet hair! now i dry it before bed to avoid the wet pillow thing!!!
birdplane birdplane 7 years
I always sleep with wet hair - I wash my hair a couple of hours before bed so it's not soaking wet, and then I only run the straightener lightly through it to help ease the frizziness - it saves straightening and then adding a loose wave! See, much lazier than you x
missmarian missmarian 7 years
Not wet - can't stand damp pillows. But damp/almost dry yes, coz I hardly ever blowdry... PS lol @ the goats =)
haphazardness haphazardness 7 years
It may be ok for hair, but can be exceptionally bad for your health - not just talking colds here. If you have a pre-disposition to Bell's palsy (random like appendicitis, can be anyone and you won't know til it happens) then this is often the trigger. All they know is that they go to sleep with wet hair and wake up and half their face it paralysed. Started happening to me one night with wet hair, and I could feel that my right half was tingly, and FREAKED OUT and dried my hair and was pretty much seconds from getting in the car to the dr. Have been vigilent ever since. careful all!
purplechic purplechic 7 years
I only sleep with wet hair during summer, when it's too hot to use a hairdryer. I usually plait it to keep it together - if I leave it in a ponytail, I wake up with a frizzball mess! But in winter - there's no way I can sleep with wet hair.
Ange-Demon013 Ange-Demon013 7 years
Usually I just put velcro rollers for volume and wait for my hair to dry while the heater or air con is on. But if I go to bed with my short hair damp, I would wake up like BeetleJuice or that doctor from Back to the Future movie. So if my hair's still damp, I have to dry it with blowdryer
melmeko melmeko 7 years
I often wash my hair at night, then tie it in a low plait at the back, in the morning I have the perfect beach waves. Glad to hear it is all good ;)
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