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Are Beards Dirty

Beards May Contain the Same Germs Found on Toilets

Let me start by saying — I love a man in a beard. Most of the men I have dated lured me in with their thick facial hair. Heck, a guy can be bald as long as he has a moustache! So, you can imagine my utter disgust and fright when news broke that some beards are as dirty as toilet seats. KOAT-TV News in Albuquerque, New Mexico, enlisted a microbiologist to test a group of local men with facial hair for different types of germs. In addition to your typical bacteria, the swab turned up things you might find in faecal matter. If this is true, I might as well be kissing a porcelain throne (with tongue).

However, as a beard-lover, I refuse to hold these results as law. Another 2013 study found that hospital workers without facial hair actually harboured just as much (if not more) bacteria than those who chose not to shave. In fact, using a razor can cause microscopic wounds on the skin that are welcoming pads for bacteria. The lesson here: facial hair isn't the problem, but cleanliness should be observed among all. Washing your hands and shampooing your beard regularly will keep bacteria under control. I'm just happy to know that my lumbersexual obsession isn't bad for my health.

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