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Beauty and the Feast: Good Looking Guys and Girls Expect Their Date to Pay For Them!

Do You Consider Yourself Hot? And Do You Pay on a Date?

You might think I've just asked two totally unrelated questions, but a new study, "The Effect of Attractiveness on Food Sharing Preferences in Human Mating Markets," which is published in Evolutionary Psychology, says otherwise. If you answered yes to the first question, that you do consider yourself to be mighty fine, then chances are you answered no to the second question.

Psychologists from the University of St. Andrews — where Wills and Kate met and fell in love — found that those who perceive themselves as attractive expect their date to pay for them. According to Dr. Michael Stirrat, it's because the more attractive you deem yourself, the less effort you feel is necessary: "You would expect people to have a knowledge about how good-looking they were and so the more attractive people in that context are just going to get more interest, so they need to make less effort in that situation either to meet people, or get a chance to impress people, so it does make sense that more attractive people would be less willing to pay." According to Dr. Stirrat, "If you keep it reciprocal it's like saying I'm not really interested." What do you think about the study? Do you expect your date to pay?

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