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Beauty Product Reviews: Reviews of Dove Minimising Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Reader Reviews: Dove Minimising Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Today the Reader Review Panel peeps are opening up about their feelings for Dove Minimising Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Was it smooth sailing with this in their life or did it not live up to the hype? We find out . . .

gidgetjc said:

"I love the new Dove minimising deodorant! It really does minimise that prickly feeling between shaves — it could not have been more smooth. It's also insanely nourishing! It tops all of their other Dove deodorants and other brands. Plus, I love the rose scent — finally something different from that chemical deodorant smell. I wore it on a 14-hour plane flight and it definitely lasts! Great new product."

jodestar said:

"It was great to trial a new product, especially when it comes to deodorant. I usually need a very strong roll-on deodorant to keep me from perspiring so I thought I would try this for a day and ended up using it the whole time as not only did it stop me from sweating, it certainly did the job of minimising the prickly feeling between shaves. The scent is really pretty too, without being too overpowering so I was still able to wear perfume. All in all a great product and I will certainly use it in the future."

Keep reading . . .Tammerly had this to say:

"Minimising Roll-On Deodorant proves that Dove is a leading in personal care products. This little wonder has a soft wild rose scent that does not smell overbearing, and the formula rolls on easily with the roll-on applicator. Minimising Roll-On Deodorant claims to work for 24 hours and while I would like to say I have tested this theory, I can't because I shower in the evening and apply it before leaving for work each morning. Having said this, the formula lasts and lasts. It also claims to reduce the prickly feel women experience when between shaves. I am really not sure exactly how Minimising Roll-On Deodorant does this but I did notice my underarms felt less prickly and the hair seemed a little bit softer but not dramatically. It is the perfect size to keep in your handbag, bathroom vanity or on your bedside. I love the pretty baby pink packaging which is pretty and feminine. Would I purchase again? Yes, because I am impressed with Minimising Roll-On Deodorant as a whole."

starlight1984 said:

"I totally suffer from that prickly feeling in between shaves. I have dark hair so have to shave my underarms every day and I have that the hair feels so coarse when it grows back through. I feel like this deodorant was made for me! I didn’t notice a difference instantly but after two week’s use, the hair regrowth definitely felt softer and smoother. It looked less visible too. As a deodorant it worked really well too so I will continue to use this and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends."

Here's what mandachic thought of it:

"First of all, I really like the packaging on the Dove Minimising Anti-Perspirant Deodorant in Wild Rose. It is the most gorgeous, chic pale pink.  The fragrance is divine! But the biggest plus for me is that after applying it doesn’t dry out my skin. I am not usually a fan of a roll-on as I don't really like the sticky feeling I am left with, but in true Dove nature it dries almost instantly while still being a reliable anti-perspirant. Unfortunately I don’t feel I’ve been able to trial it long enough to really test the “minimise the prickly feeling between shaves” claim. But I think I will definitely keep using it and hopefully that can be another benefit to add to the list. Judging by the moisturising effect it seems possible!"

Kimberliew had this to say:

"I recently had the opportunity to trial the Dove Minimising Roll-on Deodorant over a 13-day period, and was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t notice any difference to my regrowth. However, I quite liked the deodorant for its wild rose scent and was surprised that it stayed fresh and nice-smelling throughout the day. I will continue to use this product, and who knows, I may even see results further down the track."

goopalicious said:

"I’m obsessed with shaving under my arms EVERY DAY. Especially during Summer. I hate stubble with a passion so when I heard about the new Dove Minimising Deodorant that softened hair and made you feel stubble free for longer, I was totally there. And luckily Bella had picked me to be on the Reader Review Panel for it! The hair softening effect takes a few weeks to kick in, but I noticed a difference after about 10 days. There was definitely less noticeable stubble. I'm sold!"

petav thought:

"First of all, I wasn't sure if it's trying to say that it a) makes the hair grow back slower or b) grow back softer. Hmmm. I didn't notice much difference on my armpits' prickly feeling, but I don't really experience that too badly anyway. Smell and protection wise — it passed the gym test. It didn’t do so well on the gym followed by a solarium, but that’s pretty normal. One last thing though, it did make my armpits itch a little! Odd!"

rainbowskittles said:

"I’m pretty lucky that I don’t really get a prickly feeling between shaves, so I didn’t notice if the Dove deodorant minimised that. But I did like the Nature Fresh scent — it wasn’t overpowering, but it was still strong enough to make me feel fresh. I’d keep using it as we head into Summer!"

joey2608 said:

"I loved using the New Dove Minimising Deodorant!! I normally find it quite hard to find deodorants that work for me, but Dove Minimising worked wonderfully and the scent Wild Rose smelt fresh and clean throughout the day.  As for the minimises the prickly feeling between shaves claim, I normally don’t have this problem anyway, so I didn’t really notice any difference in less prickle. Overall I found the deodorant worked well, smelt good and felt smooth and non-sticky. I will definitely purchase and use this deodorant again."

FountainRose 81 had this to say:

"The Dove Minimising deodorant had a fresh pleasant smell and pretty pink packaging, but I can’t say I noticed any difference to my (unsightly) underarm stubble.  It’s been a constant fixture in my gym bag though, and I’ve come to rely on it after an intense workout session."

Iloveny said:

"I'm normally a roll-on deodorant kind of girl (I feel like it lasts a lot longer), but I tried the Wild Rose Dove Deodorant Spray and loved it — believe it or not, it actually smelt like roses! It made the skin under my arm feel really smooth and soft after using the product (which I find to be the common theme in all Dove products I use), especially after I had shaved. I hate that prickly feeling under my arms, so this product was perfect for me! Would definitely recommend this to friends and great price also. Thanks Bella!"

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