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Beauty Reviews of NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll On Deodorant

Reader Reviews: Nivea Sensitive Protect Deodorant Roll On

We put the call out for readers who wanted to review Nivea Sensitive Protect Deodorant Roll On ($3.79) last month and had an overwhelming response! We've already reported the first round of reviews, and now it's time to hear what the remaining reviewers had to say. Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll On claims to give 48-hours of anti-perspirant, and is targeted at sensitive skin sufferers because it is free from alcohol, colourants and preservatives. Here's what our readers had to say...

"I liked the products packaging, especially the purple print and the feather. The product was very easy to apply and was very soothing to my underarm area. It was thinner than other deodorants and dried quickly. It definitely provides all day anti-perspiration protection. I did not find the product irritating, there was no burning sensation. The skin under my arms felt soothed and moisturised. The product was definitely gentle enough for me. I would definitely use this product again." – Caroline

"The texture felt really smooth and gently to apply which was great, it didn’t have a scent to it which is not a good or a bad thing really, as long the deodorant works was the most important. The product definitely worked for me, but I did find on the hotter days perspiration seemed to come through a bit more and it lacks the staying power. It left no white marks or chalky residue which I loved. I also really loved the packaging and the design of the bottle however, I found it be heavier than most deodorants due to the glass shape." – Sam

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"When I first received the Nivea sensitive protect roll-on deodorant, I really liked the size and look of the bottle. It wasn't too bulky and was a small and portable size that fit nicely in my bag. The scent is mild and pleasant. When i first applied it, i had recently had my underarms waxed but the deodorant did not irritate or sting the skin. A different brand of deodorant has in the past given me a slight rash so I am always worried about how my skin will react, but as the product claims it is good for sensitive skin and my skin did not get a rash. I like my deodorant to last and i like to get a strong, long staying one as I am conscious about sweating. On a very long day where I left home early and got home late, I had to reapply the Nivea sensitive deodorant because I felt it was not strong enough to carry me through to evening. However, this might just be because i am particularly conscious of odour so other people might not have the same problem. Also, I found that this deodorant was not suitable for exercise and did not protect me during sport as other deodorants have in the past. The bottle does not say that it is suitable for sport however, so I did not expect it to. Overall I was impressed with the scent and feel on my skin- it was not sticky and it dried quickly. Another bonus was that it did not mark any of my black tops like other products I have tried. I would consider using this product again, particularly on shorter days and when I am not exercising." – Jasmine

"Since last night I tried the deodorant for a yoga class as well as today when I rode my bike to work. I have to say that I am actually very impressed with the quality of this deodorant. To be candid, my previous experience with Nivea deodorants has not been very positive. Basically, other forms of Nivea (I think I used the black and white one! Sorry for not recalling the name) was that it did not prevent sweating or supress the sweat smell. However, things are very different with this new product! Not only does it roll on very smoothly it also provides a light delicate sense which is not overpowering but works to prevent any other odour. It feels smooth against my skin which is very sensitive and causes no irritation even after shaving. It prevented me from sweating both during yoga and the bike ride and didn’t leave me with those ugly wet marks (very important with summer approaching). Importantly it feels like an incredibly natural product without the use of strong chemicals. It makes me feel earthy and natural and I love that. In terms of its design I love the light colours and the smooth contoured bottle. The floating feather image further reflects that natural, earthy, gentle feel which really suits the product. The white also represents a purity so it makes one feel cleansed as soon as they roll it on (perfect after a dusty bushwalk or day in the surf!). It is a permanent feature in my handbag and I am happy to pull it out anytime because it looks so pretty." – Alexa

"When I first received this product I was excited, already being a user of Nivea moisturiser, I was looking forward to trying Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant. The glass bottle however made me a little nervous, I like to carry my deodorant in my handbag and with this delicate bottle I don’t think it would survive long. The product itself was easy to use and had a mild fragrance. It came out a bit thick and I found it took a while to dry and I was left flapping my arms around while I got ready. However it did live up to its claims, when it came to performance. I found it not only soothing but very effective in keeping away odour and moisture, without the overpowering perfume you get with most deodorants. I have quite sensitive underarms and find that most deodorants cause some irritation. This deodorant lasted all day and never left a white mark or rash. Overall I found this deodorant to live up to most of its claims. It was gentle on my skin but kept my underarms dry and I would definitely use it again." – Amy

"I've been an aerosol user for many years and never really gave a roll on deodorant a go until now. I believe I do have sensitive skin under my arms as I am itchy quite often. Swapping brands has made no difference. I love the glass bottle, it’s a little on the heavy side. It definitely takes less room than my aerosol and fits perfectly in my bathroom cabinet. Upon application, I immediately noticed that there was no fragrance which is fine. It glided easy across my freshly shaved underarms; there was no sticky-ness or residue. I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly my armpits dried after rolling it on. I'm pleased to say that my itching has reduced but not completely gone. Not sure whether it’s because I’m using a roll on and it may be different to an aerosol or the fact that its sensitive range. Either way I’m happy. I did not sweat nor smell throughout the day. I’m not sure whether I would say it protects me for 48 hours as I shower daily. It is a big claim though. It will be interesting to see whether it’s true during the hotter Summer months! Overall, I'd definitely buy this product again, and have decided to switch from aerosol to roll on." – Benedetta

"I thought the packaging was nice, the bottle with its groove sat nicely and securely in my hand when I was using it. The product was very easy to use; deodorant came out of the bottle quickly without any trouble. I didn't find the product particularly soothing because I have no issues with irritation with my underarms, but it definitely didn't cause any new irritations. I found the deodorant didn't live up the ’48-hour effective anti-perspirant protection'. I found being a moderate to heavy sweater in hot weather this barely kept me dry for a few hours of light activity. Although there wasn't an overpowering odour just wetness. I did not find the product irritating at all even after shaving. The skin of my underarms felt soft and smooth after use. The product was very gentle. I probably won't repurchase this product as I feel it didn't meet my anti-perspirant needs and this is my number one thing when buying deodorant." – Cassy

"Packaging is appealing, inviting, very easy to use, glides on. Soothing. Not greasy or sticky. Dries quickly. Effective and long-lasting for me (female), but noted that hubby didn’t last the distance after doing physical work. Non-irritating or itchy. Skin felt pleasant underarms after use. Very gentle product. I would use it again. I found it agreeable with a pleasant fragrance. However, it would not suit my hubby." – Christine

"Upon receiving my package from BellaSugar Australia, I was pleasantly surprised by a cute bottle of Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll On. Although just from the first impression I don’t know if I would carry it in my bag as the bottle appears to be made from glass and I would be paranoid that it may crack if my bag is bumped hard enough. The product was very easy to roll onto my skin; the contour of the bottle makes it very comfortable to hold while rolling it. Some deodorants claim to have 24 – 48-hour protection but however past experiences have shown me that most do not. This was not the case with this product; I found that it actually lasted the time it specified. I was also very pleased by the fact that it made my skin feel soft after using it, adding to this pleasure was the fact that it left no ‘white marks’ where many other deodorants have! So to sum up my review of the Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll On, I am very happy with this product and would give it a four out of five rating. I will definitely be looking for this product on the shelves!" – Kelly

"Nivea's Sensitive Protect Roll On deodorant delivers on some of its promises but is probably too ambitious on others. As far as its claims of being a sensitive deodorant are concerned, it really excels. It glides on with a creamy gel-like consistency (much like other Nivea roll-ons – it goes on a bit sticky, but once it's dry you can't feel it) and doesn't sting or irritate. I applied it after hair removal and it didn't irritate my skin at all – the avocado oil and chamomile extract in the formula was actually quite soothing, and the lack of alcohol made application comfortable. It's also a scentless deodorant, which made it very gentle on my sensitive skin. I was initially concerned that the lack of scent meant it wouldn't mask B.O, but it did an excellent job of keeping B.O at bay. That said, I think its claim of being a 48-hour antiperspirant is a bit ambitious. While it performed as well as other Nivea deodorants (which are all pretty reliable!), I found myself sweating and began to feel a bit self-conscious after six to eight hours. It's certainly no worse than other deodorants, which begin to wear off after a few hours of running errands and travelling between meetings, but I don't think anyone could make this last 48-hours unless they were completely sedentary and made of plastic. Overall I think this is a very sensible deodorant – it lives up to its promise of being gentle, does a decent job of controlling sweat and B.O. and, unlike many other roll-ons, it comes in a glass bottle that doesn't feel tacky or flimsy (always a bonus!). The roll-on head is a plastic ball that can get stuck if the product dries up from lack of use, but if you're using this daily, or even weekly, then it shouldn't be a problem. I will probably repurchase this when it runs out!" – Tracey

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