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These Beauty Stores Will Let You Shop Without Spending Your Money. . . RN

These Beauty Stores Will Let You Shop Without Spending Your Money. . . RN
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd

We've all had that dream where we "accidentally" get locked in our favourite store, and as a condolence for being stuck in there all night, we get to take anything we want. For free. OK . . . maybe that's just us? But we're pretty sure the idea of shopping without having to spend your own dime is something everyone — no matter what kind of shopper you might be — can get behind, right?

Whether you're a "press go and regret later" type, or you make purchasing decisions with near scientific precision (and an accompanying Pinterest board), or maybe you're the type of girl who adds things you can't afford to your cart, and then just never checks out. If you're the latter (like the majority of us), you're getting all the satisfaction and enjoyment of the hunt, minus the pain that comes from receiving your credit card bill (and having to live on Vegemite toast for the rest of the month). However, there's one downside . . . You don't actually get to own any of the stuff.

So what if there was a way you could shop to your hearts content (obviously within reason, guys), and still remain somewhat fiscally responsible, while actually getting to own some of the stuff you want? Enter: Afterpay. And look, we know you've probably already heard of this magic, new-aged, digital lay-buy, but if you haven't, essentially it allows you to shop online and get your items, while paying them off over the next couple of fortnights. Clever, huh? So we though we'd round up the best beauty shopping destinations (by category) that will let you shop without spending any of your hard earned moolah . . . right now, that is. That can be future you's problem, obviously.

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