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Bella Interview: Pat Rafter Talks About Grooming and His New Gig as Dove Men+Care Spokesman

We Hung Out With Pat Rafter to Talk Nudity, Family and Singing

So last week I told you that Pat Rafter is the new face (and body) of Dove Men+Care and yesterday I had the delightful job of heading down to Melbourne to meet Pat and talk about the new range of Dove Men+Care over a gorgeous lunch.

And, ladies, first up, I have to say that Pat Rafter is quite possibly the nicest man I have ever met. So down-to-earth and real, you can see why Dove made a beeline for him. He totally embodies the everyday Aussie bloke. Which, yes, means he wasn't crazy about appearing half-naked on a 30ft billboard in Melbourne — especially now he's been paid out by his fellow tennis commentators who asked if Pat Rafter is ever going to model anything with clothes on — but did it anyway. Because he knew it would make us happy. Well that and Dove asked very nicely. And that's not the only thing that Dove have made him do. Keep your eyes peeled during the final of the Australian Open where you'll see Pat as you've never seen him before. Hint: it involves singing and the shower. He held his head in his hands as we watched a sneak preview with him! But that's why the former number one tennis champ — who says he loves being married and having kids — is perfect for his new gig. He's comfortable in his own skin so he's up for (almost) anything. He's good-looking, but isn't a model; he's fit, but isn't crazy-toned. In other words he's not intimidating. Other guys (and girls) want to hang out with him.

Keep reading . . .The new range — which hits stores in February — features three duo body and face washes (Pat's favourite product because they "smell awesome and leave my skin feeling great"); two foaming facial cleansers; one self-foaming cleanser (the boys will like this as it foams instantly; no hanging around necessary); two body and face bars (because research shows that men like bars; both the soap kind and the beer kind); and a dual-sided shower tool (that kinda looks like a spaceship). We're getting the guys in the office to test it so will report back with their thoughts — and then we'll tell you ours, because although a guy will buy a product again if he likes it, it's the ladies who introduce him to the product first. Not that we're hinting or anything.

I told you that I meet Pat once before, when I was 10 and he wouldn't sign my autograph book. I told Pat and got an apology autograph, which you can see on our Facebook page here.

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