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BellaSugar Editor Alison's Week in Pictures: See a Week in the Life Of a Beauty Editor

I'll be straight with you. Being a beauty editor is as cool as it looks. I get to play with amazing products everyday, put my trend forecasting skills to work and attend launches on behalf of the Sugar Network to learn about exciting new innovations in skincare and makeup. But, I'm also one very busy lady.

I start at 7am everyday, and it's a whole lot of multitasking from that point onwards — right up until about six or 7pm. From tweeting during events, to updating the BellaSugar Australia Facebook page in cabs (I'm always running late for the next thing!), meeting my more-than-hourly story deadlines and then hoping on a train home with a bevy of products to test and trial all set to review for you the next day — to say it's fast-paced is an understatement!

This week was a mixed bag of holiday season launches (including one at the coolest penthouse apartment in Sydney), a one-on-one skin consultation and mini facial to learn about Dermaviduals, a late night trip to Camden to see family and friends, my weekly Bikram yoga session (they call it the torture chamber but gosh I feel so zen afterwards) and then there's the very amazing Dream Ball tonight, which last night saw me tanning, facialing, blow drying and nail painting in preparation.

Add to all that my addiction to the Domain app in my daily search for an apartment in Sydney — me and the boy are ready to buy, how very mature — and up to three beautician appointments a week to keep me looking the part, and you've got yourself a week in the life of a beauty editor. Ready?

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