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BellaSugar Man About Town Makeover Series: Men's Facial and Shave Review

Man About Town: Our Soon-to-be-Groom Gets Groomed!

So far we've managed to turn our gaming editor into a spray tan convert, get our IT guy to up his hairdressing spend by $30 (being a uni student, that's no mean feat) and now we're turning our attentions to James, who's getting married next year. Having explained that brides start their big day prep six months out, can we get him on a similar routine? Find out now . . .

Keep reading . . .PART 1: Facial and back massage at Face of Man

I took the elevator to level 10 and stepped out into the 1950s. Face of Man has been designed with Mad Men in mind. The place is all dark wood and white marble. Very enticing. But still I was hesitant. I’ve never been a massage fan. In fact I’ve never had a professional massage before. But the 20 minute massage on my back, arms and hands soon changed my mind. It was extremely relaxing. Once the massage was complete it was onto the facial, which would use Dermalogica products. (These are very good apparently.) A hot towel was used to wipe my face clean before cleanser was applied, followed by a facial scrub. Next up came the o-zone steam. This apparently "oxygenates your skin to make it feel revitalised." Next came the mask before the slightly more terrifying needle get any blackheads out. This was a slightly worrying part of the facial although a few days down the track, my face feels and looks great. Being a guy who has never had a facial before I have to say I didn’t know what I was missing. And Face of Man is great, being somewhere that only men can attend, instantly making you feel more comfortable. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and with prices starting at around $150, it's a small price to pay to feel like a million dollars!


PART 2: Haircut and shave at Grand Royal Barbers

'Where do guys get their hair cut these days?' I thought to myself as I was on my way to get a haircut for the first time in six months. The last haircut I had was the worst ever. I was left with a mullet and had sworn off salon haircuts . . . until now. The first thing I notice about Grand Royal Barbers is that it's decked out in a funky mix of old school barber chairs and awesome hanging hat lights above the register. A haircut to me has always been a comb and scissor affair so it surprised me when Steve, the owner and a 5th generation barber, started to cut my hair with a serrated razor. The razor allows the cut to look more grown in and much more natural, in my opinion.

Onto the shave. When I arrived I was planning on getting my whole beard removed but after talking to Steve, I decided that it would be better to keep it and just get it cleaned up. It’s all about "boxing up the face," I am told. If you have a long face like mine, it’s good to try and bulk it out to give a more boxed masculine look by getting your hair and beard styled correctly. Firstly, Steve trimmed my beard with clippers, before the whole seat is hoisted up and lowered into a lie-down position ready for the flat blade. I was quite nervous at first but once the shaving begun I felt at ease. Actually this felt safer than when I’ve attempted to shave in the past! The results really speak for themselves. I'm definitely going to be visiting Grand Royal Barbers again — it's a place where a guy who doesn’t usually like haircuts can easily feel comfortable. The atmosphere is great and the people are friendly. I highly recommend it to any guy in need of a good cut and shave. I wish someone had told me about this place 10 years ago.

That sounds to us like a pretty solid pre-wedding grooming plan, no?

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