Best Hair Colours of 2017

The 15 Hottest Hair Colours That DOMINATED 2017

From vibrant pastels to icy platinum, attention-grabbing colour was the name of the hair game in 2017. But we've come a long way from the all-out rainbow strand days of yore (or 2015). Instead, celebs and It girls alike opt for muted colour and relaxed, lived-in looks. We found the top 15 dye jobs that will go down in history as "so 2017," ahead.

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The colour: Pastels

The celebrity inspiration: Jourdan Dunn

Description: Colourist Hannah Edelman from Brooklyn-based Brush in Hand said, "Floral inspiration will always define Spring trends." She suggests veering toward the more delicate shades of pinks, violets, and blues.

Who it works for: "Pastel tones can work for anyone (even Kanye!) with the right adjustments," she said. "Light to pale skin can rock a full head of pastel colour. For medium skin tones, incorporate a brighter, richer colour with pastel ends."

Rose Gold

The colour: Rose Gold

The celebrity inspiration: Kate Hudson

Description: This colour blew up in 2016, but according to Edelman, it's here to stay. It is a subtle way to try a rainbow sherbert shade without going bold.

Who it works for: This is the perfect colour for blondes who aren't ready for a huge commitment. Rose gold is an easier colour for blondes because it requires a very light base — something that blondes already have.

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Deep Chocolate

The colour: Deep Chocolate

The celebrity inspiration: Bella Hadid

Description: Breaking from tradition, this tone is leaving its usual Fall season for Spring. Los Angeles colourist Rachelle Zard of Kream Studio said, "It's a great colour to offset all the bright and pale muted tones of Spring. Ask your colourist for a tone that works best with your skin. This colour should be shiny and flattering to your natural complexion, otherwise it will wash you out."

Who it works for: You can rock this whether you're a blonde or brunette. "If you are a natural brunette, this colour will be low maintenance," she added. "But if you are a natural blonde, you will want to come in regular for a root touch-up." A gloss is also a great way to keep your shade shiny and lush.

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The colour: Platinum

The celebrity inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence

Description: According to Zard, this is "the most high maintenance of them all and great for all seasons. This colour is mesmerising and will completely change your look." Platinum hair colour can take on many tones, such as icy white, champagne, golden platinum, and silver.

Who it works for: Zard said that platinum hair should be reflective and lustrous and works best with fair, cool, and light warm skin tones. She also advised that you "first check with your colourist to see if the condition of your hair will allow for this lengthy double-process colour." She added, "Be completely honest about any previous chemical treatments and colours you have done (even if it was months or years ago) in order to help prevent any detours from your end goal." To maintain this look, aside from regular root touch-ups, ensure that purple shampoo and restorative conditioning treatments are always on hand.

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Caramel Swirl

The colour: Caramel Swirl

Celebrity inspiration: Priyanka Chopra

Description: "This is a great way for very dark hair to go lighter, and you don't need a ton of highlights to create this look. Focusing on the face frame, natural part, and ends is sufficient, and the strategically placed highlights accent the face and give the hair movement and definition," said celebrity stylist George Papanikolas. "Universally, most women look better with a few accent pieces added to their hair; the key for dark hair is to be strategic with the placement, otherwise, if you add too many highlights, the end result can be brassy."

Who it works for: "The caramel tones are very flattering on darker complexions and can soften otherwise harsh features," said Papanikolas.

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Dark Roast

The colour: Dark Roast

Celebrity inspiration: Kendall Jenner

Description: "Kendall's hair is a classic dark brown with cool undertones — it's rich and striking in this photo," said Chelsea Scott, a celebrity colourist and founder of TruHair. "This look can be created with a single-process colour in rich dark brown, then using balayage highlights for very subtle dimension." But make sure to book a follow-up appointment every four months: "A clear gloss treatment done monthly helps to keep it rich," Scott said.

Who it works for: "Fair and porcelain complexions look incredibly beautiful with cool, dark hair," noted Scott. "The stark contrast allows the skin to appear porcelain-like. Throw on a red lip and you have perfection — very Audrey Hepburn."

Golden Sombré

The colour: Golden Sombré

Celebrity inspiration: Laverne Cox

Description: "Laverne has beautiful caramel highlights with hints of gold," said Scott. "You can achieve this look with sombré highlights, which is a softer version of the ombré trend." Scott said to ask your stylist for "caramel and golden-tone highlights that transition from darkest at root to lightest on ends."

Who it works for: "Browns, in general, are universally flattering on most skin tones," said Scott. "But caramel and golden hues give medium-to-deep skin tones, in particular, an extra wow factor."

Ash Brown Ombré

The colour: Ash Brown Ombré

Celebrity inspiration: Dakota Johnson

Description: "Getting the ash colour usually only happens when you are naturally lighter and deepen your base," said Papanikolas. That means those who are already brunette will have to lighten their base to achieve this look. According to Papanikolas, "For the highlights, less is more. A few strategically placed highlights starting at the mid-shaft is all you need. Ask your colourist for a warm caramel gloss for a blended, seamless effect."

Who it works for: Papanikolas said that, "The caramel ombré is flattering on most brunettes as it's the effect that happens in nature. By keeping the tone within a few shades of the base, you have less contrast, which keeps it current and fresh."

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Rich Chestnut

The colour: Rich Chestnut

Celebrity inspiration: Demi Lovato

Description: "Demi's hair colour is rich chestnut brown with warm golden highlights in this photo," said Scott. She said that colorists achieve this look with a technique called "peekaboo" highlights, which is when colour that is one to two shades lighter than your base is applied starting from the bottom up. "The colour is typically focused towards the front of head. This creates an illusion when wearing hair down so the colour variation is not seen — it's hiding. The result is a natural, sun-kissed look."

Who it works for: "This colour works best on olive skin tones and medium-to-deep skin with warmer yellow undertones," said Scott. "Rich browns allow skin tone to take centre stage and your eye colour pop."

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Honeyed Cola

The Colour: Honeyed Cola

Celebrity Inspiration: Gina Rodriguez

Description: "To achieve this look, I would do some highlights with my 'lacing' technique," said celebrity colourist Kim Vo, who's worked with tons of stars, including Britney Spears and Katherine Heigl. "This means I backcomb the hair in particular areas before highlighting to diminish any kind of harsh lines and create that sun-kissed look."

Who it works best for: Vo says this look can work on various complexions, from cool to warm, and that it's a matter of "analysing the skin tone" to determine which highlighting colour to use. Ideally, you already have dark hair, similar to Rodriquez's roots, and warm up the ends with the lacing technique.

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Strawberry Champagne

The Colour: Strawberry Champagne

Celebrity Inspiration: Ellie Bamber

Description: "A true strawberry blond is all about creating the perfect formula," Vo said. "To re-create this look, I would formulate a gold colour with a splash of red to help to prevent hair from looking copper or brassy blond."

Who it works best for: "I recommend this look for people who have fair skin with pink undertones," Vo explained.

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Sparkling Sable

The Colour: Sparkling Sable

Celebrity Inspiration: Chanel Iman

Description: Vo said that this hair colour is a richer, more enhanced version of Iman's natural hue. To re-create, he'd want to work on someone who already had dark hair and then "make a customizable gloss that yields a richer version of the client's current colour."

Who it works best for: This jet-black shade works best on people with dark complexions. If you wanted to simply enhance with a gloss that lets the natural colour shine through, like Iman, Vo recommends doing so on youthful hair with little to no grey. You can also go in with a permanent hair colour to better cover up greys and still get an inky 'do.

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Nude Hair

The colour: Nude Hair as seen on Cara Delevingne

Description: "This hair colour has a very neutral tone to pair with your skin and create an overall nude look," said Papanikolas. "Natural blondes are usually born with this hair colour."

Who it works for: "Nude hair is perfect for neutral or golden complexions," he said. "Cool skin tones should avoid this as it can look drab and wash them out. It's also ideal when you have a lighter starting level. Dark hair will need to be pre-lightened first to achieve this tone."

Ruby Red

The colour: Ruby Red as seen on Lily Collins

Description: "Jewel tones are the bolder version of the pastel trend, but they're not as intense as the ultra-vibrant punk colours," said Papanikolas. "Shades like Quartz Pink, Ruby Red, and Sapphire Blue incorporated into soft ribbons and colour melts."

Who it works for: "Jewel tones are more of a fashion shade," he noted. "You don't need to worry about them complementing your skin as they don't happen in nature. With these colours, pick your favourite and which will most likely pair with your wardrobe. Lightening is also required, so it is much easier for those with lighter hair. Dark hair will need to consider the stress the processing puts on the hair."

Hazelnut Blonde

The colour: Hazelnut Blonde as seen on Rita Ora

Description: "Hazelnut Blonde is a light, neutral blond with an ultra refined golden undertone," said Jason Backe, L'Oréal Professionnel Artist (he was also a co-owner of Ted Gibson salon).

Who it works for: "Hazelnut Blonde will be great on neutral to warm skin tones (those who tan easily)," he explained. "The slight golden undertone will keep the complexion bright and warm."

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