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Best Hair Treatments

Australian beauty is undefinable. Why? Our beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and cultural heritages. In partnership with Priceline, we're celebrating diversity and helping you #findyourbeautiful.

If you're anything like us, you'll understand how much a good hair day can impact your everyday life. Whether your strands are curly, straight, long or short, when they do exactly what you want (and with minimal effort), everything else seems to fall into place.

The trick to gorgeous everyday hair lies in giving it a little TLC. We're all familiar with the regular shampoo and conditioner routine, but adding a mask or in-shower treatment can make the world of difference to the health of your mane, which ultimately affects how it looks. When you find the ritual that works for your hair type, luscious locks happen! Keep scrolling for 10 top treatments that are guaranteed to make you feel relaxed, confident and most of all, like you.

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