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Best Kate Middleton Hairstyles

8 Kate Middleton Hairstyles Perfect For All of Your Summer Affairs

8 Kate Middleton Hairstyles Perfect For All of Your Summer Affairs
Image Source: Getty / Karwai Tang

Sure, the Kob (that's "Kate Lob") is Summer's most regal haircut, but let's not forget how Kate Middleton delivers breathtaking hair every damn day of her life. Seriously, her stylist deserves a knighthood. Kate wears everything from blowouts to buns with equal grace. In fact, she's a wizard when it comes to reinventing her tried-and-true look over and over again.

Just like the queen's Crown Jewels, the princess has a few style gems of her own. For one, we've noticed that she favours low buns and ponies. Sometimes it's for the practical reason of needing to wear a hat, but we also love how it elongates her neck and helps her perfect princess posture (not that she needs any assistance in that area, but those who hunch over computers all day sure do). The low look also seems quite innocuous from the front, which makes for a fun pop of surprise when the Duchess of Cambridge turns around and shows off an intricate braid.

So while we may only be the princesses of our own minds, we can still adopt some of a real royal's best looks. It's safe to say that Kate has a hairstyle for every occasion, since a big part of her job is going to events. Read on for how to get your own attainable princess hair.

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