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Best Selling Clean Beauty Products on Netaporter

This Beauty Category Has Grown By Over 400% on Net-A-Porter

With a finger on the pulse and a tight hold on new and independent brands, for many, Net-A-Porter is the first name that will spring to mind when it comes to a destination well versed in creating a tight and thoughtful edit. But, for those wishing to clean up the way in which they shop for beauty, the introduction of Net-A-Porter's Clean Beauty category was a welcome, if not market-led edition from the e-commerce giant.

In a world where chic, clean and performance are no longer immiscible, Net-A-porter is not alone in it's 'lean in' to clean beauty, and it's a smart move. Since its launch in 2017, the Clean Beauty category on Net-A-Porter has grown by over 400 percent — clearly, it's something we're all buying into, and with good reason.

With concern growing over how what we put on our bodies can impact our overall health, and the desire to approach beauty through the lens of wellness having truly reached the mainstream, our approach and education on the topic may have evolved, but the definition of clean beauty isn't necessarily as cut and dry.

To get a primer on how Net-A-Porter thinks about clean beauty, we spoke to Newby Hands, Global beauty Director at Net-A-Porter, who let us in on what she thinks the next big trend in clean beauty will be and shares the products that have become their customer's clean beauty heroes.

What Does Clean Beauty Mean to Net-A-Porter?

Products that take a natural, clean, botanical or organic approach to beauty. It's what I like to call 'considered beauty', as companies consciously choose what ingredients they use and often, more importantly, those that they leave out.

What Growing Trends Have You Noticed In the Last 12 Months Related to Clean Beauty?

Our clean beauty offering, which includes brands that use natural and organic ingredients, is continuously growing at a rapid pace. Since we launched the category towards the end of 2017, it's grown by over 400 percent. Key brands driving the demand include Rituelle de Fille, Tata Harper, Bamford and Kora Organics.

For a Product to Be Stocked On Net-A-Porters Clean Beauty Edit, What Requirements Must It Meet?

As there are so many different variants of being 'natural', it's extremely hard to define. We would typically consider a brand 'clean' if they contain no parabens, no fragrance, no sulphates and so on, and we always check each brand to their 'clean' credentials.

What Are the Top Best-Selling Clean Beauty Products Stocked On Net-A-Porter?

Customers love utilising the natural power for anti-ageing: Active Botanical Serum by Vintner's Daughter ($270); La Potion Infinie by Argentum Apothecary ($225) and the retinol infused eye mask from KNC Beauty ($52). They also love to immerse themselves in the Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil ($92) by Aromatherapy Associates. And of course, our new Clean Beauty Kit ($185) that includes our favourite rejuvenating products.

What Areas Within the Clean Beauty Sector Do You Foresee Growth In Over the Next Six to 12 Months?

As customers develop keen awareness around the specific ethics behind a brand, they are expanding their needs of clean products, from skincare to other categories of beauty. That's why we are planning to grow our Clean Beauty edit even further for 2019. For example, we've recently launched Esker Beauty, an organic plant-based body care brand that's highly effective but designed to simplify your routine.

What Is Your Process Like For Discovering New, independent and Niche Clean Beauty Brands?

Net-A-Porter has always been forefront in curating the finest luxury beauty edit for our customers. Our team is always out in the market scouting new beauty finds. Social media also acts as a powerful tool for discovery and sometimes brands do approach us directly. Our team will review every product before deciding on whether to introduce the brand on site. It can take two to three months from discovering something new to the products launching on site.

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