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These Mascaras Are Essentially the Equivalent of Stockings for Your Lashes

These Mascaras Are Essentially the Equivalent of Stockings for Your Lashes

ICYMI: We're deep in a love/hate relationship with waterproof mascara. Essentially, all the things we love about waterproof mascara, are the same things we hate. Long-lasting = great for impromptu swimming, or you know — crying, but impossible to remove when you've had one too many margaritas and your bed is loudly calling your name.

But we've been willing to make the compromise, as we'd rather take the time to properly remove our waterproof mascara every night (even if it does feel like you need a high-pressure hose to get it done), in favour of literally crying black tears (we've all been there, right?) — until now that is.

Enter: Tubing mascara. And if you haven't heard about it before you are in for an education. Essentially, tubing mascaras are mascaras that contain fancy polymers that coat each individual lash in a tube, lengthening lashes and creating volume. These tubes will stay in place until you slide them off with warm water, which basically means you can now remove your mascara from the comfort of your shower. We've even put them to the test at the beach (like fully submerged), and unless you aggressively rub your eyes, you won't need to worry. Worst-case scenario, you'll slide some of the tubes off, so while you might be left with a less impactful look, you can guarantee there won't be a panda eye in sight. Promise.

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