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Let's Get To The Point . . . Your Next Cut Should Be Blunt

Let's Get To The Point . . . Your Next Cut Should Be Blunt

If you're trying to grow out your hair, or you love the shaggy, layered look more than life itself, then look away now because we're about to make a big call. We're convinced layers are a thing of the past (currently) and the only cut to get right now is a blunt one. Like, Daria Morgendorffer level blunt.

However, we haven't exactly come to this conclusion on our own. We did feel in in our hearts that the scissors were calling our names for Summer, but after seeing almost every celebrity enjoy their overseas vacations, perfectly accessorised with a Realization Par dress and a blunt bob, we've been converted. As in, the trend forecasters are literally preaching to the blunt choir.

So if you're not already convinced to go short (and blunt) for Summer, the ladies below will surely help you along in your decision making.

Go blunt, or go home.

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