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Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Because we champion oral health care, we've partnered with Carbon Coco to introduce you to an effective natural alternative to help whiten your teeth.

A bright, white smile is a powerful thing. It has the ability to boost your mood, ease stress symptoms, and it can even make you appear more friendly and trustworthy. But how do you obtain said dazzling smile without spending hours in the dentist chair or using whitening products
containing potentially harmful chemicals or additives? You call on Carbon Coco.

Taking a holistic approach to oral health care, the Australian brand is completely changing the way we think about teeth whitening by providing us with a 100 percent natural alternative to brighter teeth. Its secret ingredient? Activated charcoal. Yes, your current go-to skincare ingredient not only safely and effectively helps whiten and polish teeth, but detoxes your mouth and freshens your breath, too.

Want a glowing, healthy smile without using chemicals? We suggest you stock up on the entire Carbon Coco range below, and as a bonus, use the code Popsugar25 at the checkout for 25 percent off your purchase. Now you have no excuse to not make a healthy smile a priority, STAT.

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