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Carefree Flexia Tampons

How Confident are You?

Being part of the sisterhood, it's a right of passage in a way . . . we've all had an embarrasing situation where our feminine protection has let us down and we've had, ahem, an accident. Haven't we all had the disastrous day out where we wore white and, well you know how the story ends. When something like this happens, you feel exposed and helpless.Try as you might to be prepared, STUFF happens.

Wouldn't you prefer to go about your day without a care because you trust that your choice of tampon does what it says? Let's have a group YES. Well, Carefree® Flexia® tampons are the smarter tampon with flexible soft-fold wings that conform to the shape of your body, drawing fluid into the core and helping prevent embarrassing leakage. Those are the key concerns when choosing a tampon brand: absorption and leakage protection.

Let's see, how confident are you that your tampon can keep up with your active lifestyle?

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