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Carefree Flexia Tampons: Offering You the Comfort and Protection That You Deserve

Carefree Flexia: Offering You the Comfort and Protection That You Deserve

When it comes to tampons, us girls need something we can rely on. They need to be flexible, discreet and comfortable, but most of all, dependable. Because dealing with a leakage on top of an already stressful day at work is enough to tip anyone over the edge.

And though we normally prefer to be a little, ahem, discreet about these things, we’ve found a tampon that’s too good not to shout about. CAREFREE® FLEXIA® tampons use the innovative SoftFold® wings technology meaning they draw fluid into the core, catching fluid that other tampons miss, so there’s less likelihood of a leakage.

They make the dreaded time of the month a whole LOT less stressful and provide the comfort and protection that we all deserve.

But don’t just take our word for it, the Reader Review Panel raved about them. Check out what everyone had to say now . . .

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