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Celebrity Beauty Commercials From Before They Were Famous

Before They Were Famous: 5 Stars in Beauty Commercials!

Most actors have to do heaps of small jobs before they hit the big time — and that includes pretending to have pimples and bad hair for TV commercials! Just check out a blonde Leighton Meester advertising Clearasil back in the day. What would B and the Constance girls say about it, we wonder? Watch how Miss Meester and four other future stars, including Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and model-turned-actress Malin Akerman pitched products now!

Watch the videos now . . .Christina Hendricks for Clean & Clear: Joan Holloway who? Before hitting it big on Mad Men, Christina was just a giggly (albeit shiny) teenager.

Leighton Meester for Clearasil: Leighton shall go to the ball party with picture-perfect skin.

Debra Messing for Clairol Natural Instincts: The Will & Grace star showed that at-home hair colour isn't a risky business!

Meg Ryan for AIM Toothpaste: Proving that Meg Ryan always gets the guy in the end, this cutesy spot had America's soon-to-be sweetheart charming her way into the heart of "Jack Reid."

Malin Akerman for Noxzema Before going on to star in movies like 27 Dresses, the Swedish beauty worked in fast food — on the small screen, anyway.

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