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Cheap Beauty Presents for Christmas

We've partnered with Priceline Pharmacy to help you tick off your shopping list and find the ultimate beauty gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

Even for the most seasoned of shoppers, ticking off the annual Christmas gift list without running out of cash can be a challenging task.

While you might want to splurge on everyone with your imaginary champagne budget, unfortunately it's not always possible. The next best thing is to find the holy grail beauty product that will suit them best. It shows you put some thought into it by considering things like their skin type or what lipstick they like to wear.

Praise be for Priceline Pharmacy — a one-stop-shop for the most affordable gifting. Christmas or not, we know you'll take any excuse to browse the aisles and discover the best beauty thrills for you and for them. Read on to see our curation of the best beauty gifts, all for under $30!

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