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Are Cleansing Oils OK For Oily Skin?

You Asked: I Have Oily Skin, Does That Mean I Can't Use a Cleansing Oil?

Each week we open up the floor for reader questions in the hope of helping you find your way to complexion perfection. Or wonder waves. Whatever you ask, we'll answer. Just as long as it's beauty-related. We're not in the business of delivering Ryan Gosling direct to your doorstep — he's all ours! Last week we were talking about milia but this week it's that can-we-or-can't we question from Mia . . .

"I have really oily skin and I've read some articles that tell me that I would benefit from using a cleansing oil and then other articles that say to avoid oil at ALL costs and only use oil-free products?!?!? I'm so confused. Are they bad for me or will they help?"

Firstly Mia, we hear you. It can be a mighty confusing place out there. The thing to remember is that, just because you've got a certain skin type (in your case oily), it doesn't mean you're going to react the same as every single other oily-skinned person to a product or skincare routine. But there are general guidelines that you can follow and they include the fact that cleansing oils aren't bad for people that have oily skin. I know that sounds like it's going against everything that's right (oil: bad; oil-free: good) but it's actually true.

Keep reading . . .See oil attracts oil and sebum so if you cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser, you're actually removing the "bad stuff" not putting it on there. The problem is that some people don't like the texture that cleansing oils leave on the skin so my advice, if you have particularly oily skin and are after a deep cleanse, is to first use a balm- or oil-like cleanser such as Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser ($45.95). And then follow up with either a clay-based or foaming cleanser such as Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foam Cleanser ($13.99) to leave the skin feeling clean and non-greasy. It's important not to over cleanse the skin so I would only recommend using the oil-based cleanser at night when you have more impurities and makeup to remove. And the golden rule to always remember for oily skin is that moisturiser should always be oil-free.

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