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Demi Moore Wants to Make You Happy

It’s not every day that an A-lister is concerned about your feelings. So concerned that she's decided to make a You Tube vid about it; but then we all know that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are big new media fans.

To tie in with the US release of her Wanted fragrance, Demi wants to know what makes you happy. And she's looking for specifics: 6ft guy with brown hair, brown eyes, a sense of humour and confidence. Which sounds suspiciously like Ashton so you may want to have a re-think on that one.

Why is she doing this? Well we all want to feel wanted, but Demi says there’s some confusion between what men and women want and what we think the opposite sex want. So she’s calling for everyone to send her a You Tube video on what they really want in a guy or girl (yes boys, you have to get involved too). She’s aiming to put them all together and figure out the million dollar question: What we want. That and create a bit more happiness in the world. Bless.

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