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Dirty Dancing Questions

I Watched Dirty Dancing for the First Time in 20 Years and I Have Thoughts

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"Oh, I love Dirty Dancing!" I used to exclaim whenever the movie was mentioned. Except I didn't, really. I never saw it beyond the age of, say, 9 or 10. So all I remember is the dance scene (though I'm not sure if I actually remember it or know it from the internet/Crazy Stupid Love) and that Patrick Swayze was a major dreamboat in it. Otherwise, couldn't tell you a thing.

I recently watched it again, for the sake of my pop culture cred, and I had so many thoughts. Was Baby always such a badass? Was it always so risqué? Why must Patrick Swayze be dead? It was quite the thought-provoking experience. Here are some other things that ran through my mind.

  • Um, is her dad Lennie Briscoe from Law & Order? He's so young!
  • Um, is her mum Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls?
  • How has she not aged since this movie?
  • How good's the music. Right into it.
  • Why is Baby's dad getting such special treatment at this grown-up school camp they're at?
  • Actually, why is she called Baby?
  • Swayze-as-Johnny is a babe obviously, but does he have to look like such a douchebag?

  • OK the club scene is HILARIOUS. Do people dance like this anymore? Such sex!
  • Why was I allowed to watch this when I was 9?
  • Mi scusi. Was Jennifer Grey always this hot?
  • Speaking of Jennifer Grey, her character Baby is such a badass. She sets her sights on Patrick Swayze and she sure as hell gets him.
  • Penny's got some starry eyes for Johnny, no?
  • In the real world, what guy would dedicate all his waking hours to teaching a girl he doesn't really like to dance? No guy. No guy would do that. But I love the fantasy of it.
  • I could 100,000 percent do without this scene from about 30 seconds in. Criiiinge.
  • In fact, I'd be happy to never see an air guitar again.

  • The abortion plotline was very progressive considering this was made in the '80s. Such scandal!
  • I love Baby's curly hair and I would appreciate if she never straightened it again.
  • Why did Johnny just give up on Baby so quickly? Like, "Oops, obstacle! Gotta leave you immediately." Put up some fight, mate.
  • And then suddenly he's back — coulda made us sweat a little more, Lionsgate.
  • Ughhh I love Baby's outfit in that pivotal dance scene. So swishy and feminine.
  • OK, the lift is pretty impressive. Sexy, even. Is good.
  • I don't buy that they're in love. Is that bad?
  • How have I not seen this movie 100 times? It's such perfect '80s romance. GIVE ME MORE.
  • I miss Patrick Swayze.
Image Source: Lionsgate
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