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Do Spots in Different Areas of the Face Mean Something?

Q) Do Spots in Different Areas of the Face Mean Something?

Over the years I've heard a LOT of things said about spots. Who hasn't? The one that interests me the most is when people say that a blemish in an area of your face correlates to something else. Interesting. I decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all with a little help from skin guru, Emma Hobson, Education Manager at the International Dermal Institute.

A) The Western view of this is that hormones secreted through stress are different to the ones during puberty; both can lead to increased breakouts but they tend to be in different places on the face and body. Acne vulgaris (puberty) can be found on the upper back, chest and mainly on the cheeks. Stress acne, however, is common on the neck and under the jaw, as well as the forehead. Stress acne doesn't generally have the same severity as acne vulgaris.

Keep reading . .  .In Chinese Face Reading it's believed that where you have a breakout on your face correlates to an imbalance that is occurring in your body at the same time. For example, if you have a breakout just under you cheek line, that relates to gums and teeth; if you have a breakout on the bridge of your nose, in between your eyes, that relates to liver, what they call the wine and dine area — this could mean you have an intolerance to dairy or you have eaten too rich food late at night. The one we all know is the sides of the chin, in females this relates to the ovaries, hence the breakouts that come at that time of the month.

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