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Do White Marks on Nails Signal a Calcium Deficiency?

Q) White Marks on My Nails Mean I'm Calcium Deficient, Right?

For years (years, I tells ya) I've always believed that the white marks on your nails mean you're calcium deficient. I think Adam Maxwell told me when I was in Year 4 (around the time we were trading Tazos) and I've believed it ever since. But I ate way too much cheese to be considered calcium deficient, so what gives? I asked Fiona Hay, ORLY's RAFW Creative Director, her take on it:

A) Many people suggest white marks are caused by calcium deficiency, others say it's a vitamin deficiency. Unfortunately there is no proof of either of these. The white spots that appear on the fingernails are called leukonychia. The appearance of these white marks can be a result of a possible injury to the base of the nail, which is called the matrix. Usually, these injuries would have occurred in the past and by the time the white spot makes an appearance, you would have forgotten all about it. Banging your finger on the door or the countertop can result in the occurrence of white spot on the fingernail. They'll eventually grow out, but to avoid them ensure you care for your hands and cuticles by massaging cuticle oil or hand cream in regularly and having regular manicures.

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