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Do You Need to Use Regular Moisturiser Before Tinted Moisturiser?

You Asked: Do I Need to Use My Regular Moisturiser Before Using a Tinted Moisturiser?

It's a new week and that of course means it's time for a new Ask Bella question. In case you're not a regular reader (tut tut), each Monday we rifle through the ol' mail bag and answer a question from you. From essential makeup brushes to the point of serums, no question is too big or small for us, so if you've got your own cosmetics conundrum share it with us at — chances are we'll be able to help! But now it's over to Michelle, who asked:

"The other day I used tinted moisturiser over the top of my usual moisturiser and my skin felt really greasy. Am I meant to use moisturiser underneath or should I skip it?"

There are a few things that affect this but in general I advise you not to. The key reason for this is one of the main points of buying a tinted moisturiser is that they're a great 2-in-1, offering both coverage and hydration. So it's kind of missing the point if you're still using a moisturiser underneath. It's like using a foundation over the top.

But saying that, if your skin is particularly dry or you're a mature lady, you may need an extra hit of moisture — just be sure to let your skin drink it up before applying the tinted moisturiser. In other words, leave 10-15 minutes in between the two if possible. And also, before applying the tinted moisturiser, separate a 2-ply tissue and dab your face to absorb any excess moisturiser — this should help it feel more non-greasy. If you've got fairly normal skin or particularly oily skin (in which case, always look for an oil-free option) you're fine to skip on your regular moisturiser in the morning and just use an intensive moisturiser at night. Especially in Spring and Summer when your skin isn't as dry in Winter anyway.

Tinted moisturisers we love (because they feature SPF too):

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