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Do You Really Need to Use a Conditioner on Hair?

Q) C'mon, Do I Really Need to Use Conditioner? Really, Really?

A girlfriend asked me this the other day. And once I had shut my mouth, picked myself up off the floor and had a stiff drink to recover from the shock, I said I'd do my very best to find out. Because for me, it's never been a question. Like pies need tomato sauce and Imelda Marcos needs shoes, strands need conditioning. Well, that's what I've always thought anyway. To find out if it's true or just an urban myth, we called up Barney Martin, Pantene’s Expert Stylist and Director of Barney Martin Hairdressing, in Surry Hills.

A) Conditioner is a really important step in your haircare routine. After you cleanse your hair you raise the hair cuticles — conditioner smooths these back down to protect the hair shaft. Conditioner is also an important step in keeping moisture in the hair to keep your hair soft and shiny. Conditioner should be used on all hair types, even if you have oily hair you should still concentrate the conditioner on the mid to end-lengths away from the roots. I also recommend using a deep conditioning treatment once a week to really hydrate your hair. You do this as a third step after shampooing and conditioning and it’s especially important if your hair is coloured or heat damaged. A deep conditioning rinse-off treatment, like Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle ($29.99) or Bumble and Bumble Deeep Treatment ($50), is a great way to restore your hair’s health quickly.

Keep reading . . . If your hair is dry and feels brittle, you can also try a daily cream that is a bit lighter than the weekly treatment but gives your regular conditioning an extra boost. Pantene’s new Night Miracle Leave On Crème Serum ($9.99) is like a night cream for your face and will deeply nourish your hair as you sleep. And with summer around the corner your hair needs that extra bit of protection. Try Pantene’s All Day Smooth Lightweight Crème ($6.99) or Redken 5th Avenue NYC Color Extend Sun Shimmering Defense ($28). Just smooth onto damp or dry hair in the morning to smooth and protect from environmental factors.

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