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Dr. LeWinn's Eternal Youth Review

We're constantly searching for simple and effective anti-ageing solutions, which is why we've partnered with Dr. LeWinn's — the expert in anti-ageing skincare — for this post.

When it comes to beauty, looking after your skin should be priority number one. A healthy canvas is the foundation for any look you wish to achieve, whether that's bare-faced, no-makeup makeup or a full, glamorous face. We're nothing without good skin!

One of the most effective ways to create healthy skin is to tailor your routine to target specific concerns — and that means using products designed to do exactly that. Enter: cosmeceutical skincare, where beauty and pharmaceuticals meet. The term refers to cosmetic products containing active ingredients that are clinically-proven to work on correcting the skin — these are the heavyweights that will create real-life improvements.

While this sounds super science-y, don't fret — it doesn't have to be tricky or expensive! Dr. LeWinn's Eternal Youth is an affordable range of effective products, designed for all skin types. To see how it fared on a real woman, we tasked 30-year-old Tegan to trial the products for two weeks. Here's what she said:

On her relationship with her skin:

"I have an inconsistent relationship with my skin. When I put in the effort it is quite milky and lovely, but I am fundamentally lazy so sometimes it can struggle a bit," explains Tegan. "I'm most concerned about dryness, period-related acne, acne scars and early signs of ageing."

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