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Earth Month Special: Solve Winter Skin Woes With Natural Products Found in Your Kitchen!

Go Green: How to Fix Flaky Skin the Natural, Eco Chic Way!

Every time the seasons change, peeling skin rears its flaky, red, itchy, crappy-looking-under-makeup head. Sux. Sure, there are serums and moisturisers aplenty with long ingredient lists designed to help, but it's easier, cheaper, and a lot more Earth-friendly to go the natural route. Your kitchen holds plenty of flake-zapping solutions for you to hydrate the natural way so let's take a look and see what environmentally-friendly treats we can rustle up together, shall we?

Honey is your friend. It's a natural exfoliant, but unlike a scrub, it's skin-calming and antimicrobial. Your flakes come off without further irritating and reddening your skin, and delicate, first-day-of-school skin doesn't get awash in acne bacteria.

Keep reading . . .A is for avocados and amazing. As avocados are amazingly moisturising and cooling. Mash one up and keep it in the fridge, then apply for 20 minutes while you're up and about before work or when you get home at night.

Oatmeal is super-soothing. Make about a cup, let it cool and then use it as a 15-minute mask to help calm redness and soften skin. (Of course if you're not fully into the DIY thing, you could check out Aveeno products which are formulated using finely-milled oatmeal.)

Parsley is great for redness and inflammation, reducing the tightness that leads to flaking. Chop some up as finely as you can (or throw it in a food processor if you've got one) and apply it as a cooling poultice to dry, itchy or red spots.

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