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Elisa Sednaoui's Beauty Advice

How Roberto Cavalli's New Face Stays Gorgeous

You may not know her by name yet, but Elisa Sednaoui is changing that. The face of the latest Roberto Cavalli fragrance, this multi-lingual model portrays a sexy siren in the spot above. She's something of a renaissance woman, too; this 24-year-old with Italian, Egyptian and French heritage has used her modelling career to catapult her to other opportunities like acting and directing a music video. And on top of that, hello — she's gorgeous. She's sharing her best (easy-to-follow) beauty advice, so keep reading to see how Ms. Sednaoui stays so gorgeous.

Stress less: "I think the first cure for good hair, skin and body is to go through the stresses of life in the most positive and calm attitude possible," Elisa said. "Stress and anger are very bad for your skin."

Eat right: While you can't avoid all of your worries, you can take a cue from Elisa's vitamin-packed breakfast. "I wake up in the morning and do smoothies," she explains. "I've found that spinach — it sounds disgusting, but it’s very good — can be sweeter if you add berries and banana and apple."

Stay fit: Elisa also attributes her luminous skin and physical flexibility to a consistent workout regimen. “I used to dance when I was younger, but I was lazy for many years,” she admits. “Lately I've started running and doing Pilates." She's also up-front about the importance of staying hydrated, though she's not perfect. "I drink a lot of water, which seems obvious,” she says. “It’s very important, but sometimes I forget.”

Be happy: In the end, Elisa's best beauty advice is timeless: keep a carefree attitude. "I think eating what you want and enjoying life and being good to yourself is part of the secret," she said. "And if your natural body does it in the way that you’re a bit rounder, it’s fine." As always, optimism and confidence are key — though wearing a sultry fragrance can't hurt, either.

Roberto Cavalli (from $80) will be available from April 1. Stockists: 1800 812 663.

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