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This $6 Product Is Your Answer to French Girl Brows

This $6 Product Is Your Answer to French Girl Brows

If I had to put things I'm obsessed with in order of priority, I'd embarrassingly have to admit that finding great budget beauty products and trying really hard to look French (but not too hard, because that's definitely not très bien) come in top of the list. So during a pretty intense YouTube binge over the weekend — in which I manged to almost watch the entirety of makeup artist, and French-girl Violette's video archive — I stumbled across a seriously great find (see Mum, sometimes being lazy really does pay off!).

The video I was really into was Violette's take on her (Bridget) Bardot look, which is obviously something I was keen to replicate. So there she was just being super cool, and super French, applying her makeup in a NYC café all nonchalant. And, to be honest, I was so mesmerised by her whole je nes sais quoi that I almost missed it . . . one of my favourite French girls was doing her brows with a $6 (well, $5.10 to be exact) product.

At first, I was convinced I must have misread the label. Perhaps I had officially lost it after watching that many hours of YouTube? But I paused the video, and scrolled to check the product description and there it was: Essence Make Me Eyebrow Gel in Brunette. Obviously, the first thing I did was go back and check how good her brows looked (guys, they looked great), I then proceeded to do a little happy dance because I could now add French-girl brows to the list of things I can do (and afford). And after I picked up the brow gel for myself, I even had enough spare change from my $10 to treat myself to an almond croissant, like the good (fake) French girl I am.

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