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Expert Tips on How to Create Blake Lively's Super Fierce Slicked Ponytail

How-To: Blake Lively's Super Fierce Slicked Ponytail

Wanna know the best way to wear your hair this party season? In a ponytail. Why? Because it's easy, stylish and that's how Blake Lively rolls. Good enough? Thought so. We got the lowdown on how to recreate Blake's style — that she wore to the Schwartz 2BHAPPY jewellery collection launch in NY this week — from Pantene Expert Stylist Barney Martin.

STEP 1: This style is great because you can do this with clean or day-old hair. First start by making a straight centre part with a comb then thoroughly brush your hair through to the ends so it’s tangle-free.

STEP 2: Using a golf ball-sized squirt of mousse (Barney recommends Pantene Body Builder Mousse), pat lightly onto both hands and smooth from the roots down.

STEP 3: Using a fine-toothed comb, brush your hair from the part down and towards the nape of the neck, gathering the length into your hand.

Keep reading . . .STEP 4: When you have all of your hair pulled back into your hand, use the other hand to remove a long piece, about 1" thick, from the base of the pony

STEP 5: Securely tie the rest of your hair (minus the thin strand) with an elastic.

STEP 6: Using the strand which is left, smooth some more mousse through it and wrap it securely around the elastic, covering it so it’s not visible. When you get to the end tuck it back into the elastic—if this is too tricky you can secure with a bobby pin underneath

STEP 7: Finish by brushing the length of your pony tail so it shines, and spray the crown with hairspray—smoothing down with your hands to get a super sleek finish.

Stockists: 1800 028 280. For more on Barney, check out his website.

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