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Get Rid of Irritated Underarms With NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll On and Aerosol Deodorant

Are Your Underarms Angry At You? We've Got a Solution

Our underarms can be very sensitive little souls, especially when we don't pay attention to their cries for help. You know the ones — when they're irritated and itchy. With all the razor action going on under there, it's really no wonder! Often the forgotten and ill-regarded area of our bodies, the skin covering our underarms is actually very delicate, so it's important to use deodorant that caters to sensitive skin. Try to find one that is free from alcohol, colourants, or preservatives; and has soothing and repairing properties, like NIVEA Sensitive Protect Roll On ($3.79). Also available in an aerosol, the NIVEA Sensitive Protect range is enriched with avocado oil which is great for skin hydration; and soothing chamomile, which will aid in protecting skin from redness or irritated bits.

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