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Girl Gets Surgery to Look Like Jessica Alba For Boyfriend

Would You Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Alba?

I know your first answer is probably yes. She is a hottie after all. But I'm asking in all seriousness as a 21-year-old Asian girl actually is. She's been dating an Alba-obsessed guy who demanded she try to look just like her. (Ever the stand-up dude, he even bought her a blond wig.) Given the generally stressy (not to mention screwed up) nature of trying to look like someone else, she called it quits. Hoorah! Sadly, it doesn't end there though . . .


She's decided that she wants him back. Her grand master plan: get plastic surgery to look more like Jess. And if that doesn't get him back, then she'll work on moving on. All kinds of alarm bells are ringing and hopefully, like me, you're screaming at your computer right now, but there's no doubting that this is a sad and sorrowful tale. Watch and sigh.

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