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Girl's Hack For Not Messing Up Makeup in the Shower

This Strange Yet Genius Hack Ensures You Can Take a Shower and Keep Your Cat Eye

It's a pretty common dilemma we all face at one point or another: It's Friday evening and you rush home after work to freshen up before happy hour. You take one look in the mirror and realize dry shampoo just won't do the trick and that you desperately need to wash your greasy hair. But that means you run the risk of totally botching your makeup in the shower, and you don't possibly have enough time to perfect your cat eye again before dashing off for your discounted margarita. So what's a gal to do?

One genius girl has the perfect solution: wear goggles in the shower! Lauren, a 22-year-old student who lives in Texas, made the internet simultaneously LOL and say "why didn't I think of that sooner?" when she shared her no-brainer makeup hack online. In her first picture, she donned a pair of swimming goggles and captioned it "when u have to wash your hair but ur makeup is fly af," while the second snapshot captured her post-shower with her flawless makeup perfectly intact sans smudges and smears. Genius!

When she posted her hack on Tumblr, it went totally viral, amassing more than 90,000 notes to date, which means nearly 100,000 people either liked or reblogged her images. She told Buzzfeed News how she got mixed reviews from other Tumblr users (some praised her creativity while others said she should've just used dry shampoo in the first place). Regardless, we give Lauren an A+ for innovation, and we'll definitely be trying this trick in the near future.

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