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Going Back to the Hairdressers to Complain: A Do or a Don't

Have You Ever Gone Back to the Hairdressers to Complain?

A little while ago we talked crying at the hairdressers. It's happened to nearly all of us. If it happens to me, I tell everyone about it, tell them to never visit that salon and I never go back. But that's where it ends. Though not for us all. Yesterday I was lunching with a girlfriend and it was the first time I'd seen her since her "hid-eous" haircut. She said it was so short she couldn't get it in a ponytail. I envisaged Hayden Panettiere. I got a lob, which while lovely, was still considerably shorter than what she went in with. She had a meltdown but thought she'd be able to style it right at home. She couldn't. So she went back. Back to the hairdressers to tell them she didn't like it. Cue lots of awkwardness before she promptly left again. I don't know what she expected them to do — glue her hair back on perhaps? — but I admired her bravery. I couldn't do it. Could you? Have you ever been back to complain? What did they say or do?

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