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Guess the Cult Beauty Product

Fun-Time Fridays, It's Jeopardy! Time . . .

You thought we'd forgotten all about you, didn't you Fun-Time Fridays: It's Jeopardy! Time? We didn't. But there was just SO much going on yesterday that we wanted people to appreciate you in all your glory so we thought we'd make it Fun-Time Saturdays. Cool with you? Good. So, if you haven't played before, check out this post for the lowdown. If you know how to play, let's get this show on the road . . .


200: How much I weigh in ml

1992: The year I launched

27.95: How much I'll cost you in (Aussie) dollars

2: The number of me sold in Australia every minute

17: How many different flavours of me that are made

Guess the Cult Beauty Product

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