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Guess the Cult Beauty Product 2010-10-21 17:30:00

Fun-Time Fridays, It's Jeopardy! Time . . .

Hello and welcome peeps to Fun-Time Fridays, It's Jeopardy! Time. It's a new, super-fun segment that you'll see EVERY Friday around about the time that you start to wonder a) why it isn't the weekend yet, b) if anyone will notice you take a nap and c) what to wear tomorrow night. Universally it's known as 11.30am.

To spice things up around this dull, dull time, we thought we'd play a game. A game! What's more fun than a mid-morning game on a Friday, after all? So here goes, it might sound a little familiar but I want you to know that we have in no way stolen, borrowed or copied this from say, 1970s America. No siree. It's all our own work. Totally original. Even the title.

Below are some stats about a cult beauty product. You have to read them and then have a guess what you think it is. Simple, right? Now you only have to write the product name or brand and product name, NOT the old-skool Jeopardy! What is . . . blah blah blah. Ready Eddie?


2.5: The number of ml in every product
10: The number of seconds one of me is sold worldwide
20: The weight of me in grams
1992: The year I was born
2,892,000: The number of me sold since 2009
55: The amount in Australian dollars that I retail for

Guess the Cult Beauty Product 2010-10-21 17:30:00

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