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Gwyneth's Detox Doctor Dr. Alejandro Junger Shares His Healthy Living Tips

Gwyneth's Detox Doc Talks Toxins and Healthy Start to 2012

To kick off the new year, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed she'll be starting a CLEAN program by Dr. Alejandro Junger, loved by fellow A-listers including Demi Moore and Debra Messing. We caught up with Dr. Junger, who shared his advice on minimising the effects of party season on our bodies and talking us through toxins so that we can have a happy and healthy 2012.

Everyone knows that toxins are bad, but what are they exactly? Toxins can be of 2 kinds:

  1. Endogenous: the waste products of our body's normal metabolism such as lactic acid, uric acid, homocysteine, etc.
  2. Exogenous: the chemicals we add to our life such as preservatives, colouring agents, fragrances, sweeteners, antibiotics, fertilisers, pesticides, chlorine, pollution and more.

Keep reading . . .Most of these harmful chemicals we ingest through our food, but they are also prevalent in our cosmetics, household products, medications and furniture. They are absorbed into our bloodstream and cause havoc in our organism by triggering inflammation, blocking certain necessary chemical reactions and damaging our organism, leading to dysfunction and disease. 90 percent of the known exogenous toxins are lipophilic — which means they only dissolve in fat and not in water — so the body must retain and even generate fat to buffer their irritation.

Detoxes can often leave people with headaches and feelings of tiredness. How can this be avoided? Going on the CLEAN Elimination Diet for some time before starting the actual program will help minimise symptoms and maximize results. When doing detoxes, it's important to keep hydrated and make sure you are having more than one bowel movement a day, even if you have to help it with herbal laxatives or colonics.

What are your top tips for leading a healthy and happy lifestyle? Not worrying, not hurrying and not complaining. Meditation, exercise and a chemical-free diet with real food is important. As is contact with nature and having fun. Having a sense of purpose. Having family and friends to spend time with. And detoxing periodically.

How can people factor in a detox into their busy schedules? As it turns out, after the few initial days, one becomes clearer, with more energy and more focus. People become much more efficient with busy schedules.

Party season is in full swing so how can we avoid feeling horrible in the New Year? Moderation and a day of juicing after a day of feasting.

Photo credit: Flickr user Malte.S

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