These Hidden Tattoos Ideas Allow You to Keep Your Ink a Secret

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There’s no doubt that getting a tattoo is a big commitment. And, while having your tattoos in easy to see places is fun, it’s also understandable if you prefer to keep your ink hidden. Thankfully, there are so many nooks and crannies across the human body that are perfect for discreet tattoos.

If the position of your tattoo has been the thing stopping you from getting inked, we have compiled a list of the most discreet places you can get a tattoo, to help make the process a little easier. Some of the spots are completely hidden, while others allow the tat to be seen should you wish.

Inside Your Arm

The inside of your arm provides a number of subtle spots where you can get inked and not have it noticed by anyone. Anywhere from the inside elbow upwards would be best, with the bicep providing the best hiding spot for a little piece of art.

Opt for a smaller tattoo in this area if you really don’t want it to be spotted. Something subtle can easily be hidden (like the below tattoo) while a larger piece could be visible when wearing sleeveless tops.

On Your Chest

The chest is perfect for a little sneaky tat, especially if you want to commit to a larger piece of ink. Consider placing the tattoo directly in the middle of your sternum (as pictured below), or you might want to consider the section underneath the breasts.

Inside Your Bottom Lip

While it might seem like the most out of the box place to have tattooed, the inside of your bottom lip is a place that no one is ever going to see unless you show them.

Keep in mind that these tattoos can fade within five years and often need touch-ups. This is thanks to the high moisture content within the mouth and the acidic environment that can wear the ink away.

On Your Bottom

Your butt can be a good place to get inked thanks to the surface area and the fact that it’s easily hidden. A small tattoo would also be simple to conceal with full coverage swimmers, should that be of concern.

The Side of Your Torso

The side of your body can be a great spot for a tattoo as this area is predominately covered by clothing. While this might be spotted in a bikini, a one-piece swimsuit would definitely keep it covered, should you wish to do that. Otherwise, if you get it high enough on the side of your torso, it shouldn’t be spotted too easily in swimmers.

Underneath Your Fingers

Unless you tend to talk with your hands, the underside of your fingers is a pretty good spot to put a little ink. While you might be limited by the size of your fingers, this section is great for small pieces like the love heart below.

On Your Hip

The hips provide a few places where you could have a tattoo, including on the side, front or back of the hip. The below tattoo is placed near the hip joint and can be easily be hidden with clothing, making it only visible to you and whoever you invite to see it!

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