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Ask Bella: How Do I Lift Black Hair Dye?

Recently, a distressed reader contacted me about an unfortunate incident regarding a box of black hair colour and the subsequent regretful results. Here's her story:

Three months ago I had an adult identity crisis and dumped a box of jet black dye on my naturally medium brown hair. Now I can't get it to lift out — professionally or at home. Can you make a suggestion?

Lifting pigment can be a tricky endeavour so you have to be careful . . .

Pro only: if you're making a bold change to black or any other extreme colour, get thee to a salon for a professional treatment as box colour has its limitations and the chemistry behind hair colour is more complex than it seems.

Colour remover: at the salon the colourist will most likely use a special chemical colour remover to help dissolve the pigment. Keep reading . . . These types of products should be used by professionals only and work by shrinking colour molecules without bleaching or stripping the hair.

What about bleach?: thinking about bleaching out a too-dark shade? Think again. Bleaching can compromise the integrity of the hair. Also, depending on what previous hair dyes were used on the strands, the colour can lighten unevenly due to the various layers of hair colour. Therefore, every single part of the hair could be a different hue. Yikes.

At-home solution: wash your hair as often as possible with a heavy clarifying shampoo to lift the pigments away. Don't try to take any chemical solutions in your own hands.

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