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How to Be Confident With Your Hair

It's time embrace the locks you were born with. We've partnered with OGX to show you how to get your hair into its best shape yet, and be proud to #RockWhatYouGot.

Hair is such a personal thing. It's right there on top of our heads, as much a signal of our identity as our fashion and makeup choices. So when I started to think about what my hair said about me, I realised that some of my friends, family and colleagues hadn't actually seen my "real" hair in a very long time — some had likely never seen it in its big, frizzy glory at all. Here's the situation: I have a lot of hair, and I'm fortunate that it's super thick and naturally wavy. But it's coarse, frizzy and uneven (the waves on one side never match the waves on the other), so for years I've stuck to a routine of washing, blow drying, and extensive heat styling. Maintaining smooth and voluminous waves helped me present myself to the world in a certain way.

Lately, I've been coming around to the idea of rocking what I've got and putting my real hair in the limelight. It's a natural progression from my obsession with no-makeup makeup and building a capsule wardrobe.

In the spirit of sharing the love, read on to discover the five biggest lessons I learnt from embracing my hair.

1. Relaxed Mornings Are Something I Care About.

I'll be honest, the first time I rocked my wavy hair at the office was because I was running late. As much as I would love to say it was part of some great subversion of beauty norms, really I had overslept. To earn back lost time, I skipped my morning hair ritual in favour of flipping my head over, shaking up the unruly strands and moving on — consider it my Carrie Bradshaw moment. The rest of the morning was so relaxed, thanks to the time I had saved not fussing over "perfect" hair. I realised then that I'd much prefer to savour a cup of coffee in the sun each morning rather than waste time on heat styling.

2. My "Flaws" Only Stand Out to Me.

Insecurity about my frizzy head of hair saw me treating it as a flaw — something to be hidden, or ideally transformed to perfection. But it turns out that classic mum wisdom holds true: Other people rarely notice our perceived "flaws". When I started letting my curly hair out of the house, most people said . . . nothing. They didn't stare, nobody pulled me aside to have a quiet word. They didn't treat me any differently at all. Which leads me to . . .

3. Other People Love What Makes Me Unique.

Some people did have something to say about my big hair. They loved it! I received so many compliments from those who were used to seeing me with more tamed tresses. According to my friends, colleagues and family, my hair worn au naturel was cool, beautiful and fun. In fact, other women started sharing what they didn't like about their own hair and that they wished it looked like mine instead. That's another age-old saying proved correct: We always want what we don't have. When really, we should just be proud of every strand.

4. Never Forget the Power of Scent.

My new hair routine often meant that the only product in my hair was shampoo and conditioner. And when it comes to an easy beauty pick-me-up, the smell of freshly washed hair cannot be beat. Without having to prioritise the heat-protecting qualities of hair products, I could play with products that had scents that I liked and how those fragrances made me feel. The powerful sense of smell can be such a mood booster.

5. Knowledge is Beauty Power.

Most importantly, wearing my hair curly helped me check in with my tresses. I had a better understanding of my hair needs — that frizz was the cause of coarse texture and not dryness, or how sleeping on my side was affecting volume. This in turn helped me make better haircare choices. Getting to know what my locks really need has put me on the path to very healthy, happy hair. And who wouldn't want that?

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