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How to Detox Hair

We're presenting the best moments from New York Fashion Week, in partnership with Mazda. Go somewhere you'd rather be with Mazda2, available in chic hatch and stylish sedan.

When it comes to hair health, it can be hard to ensure our strands stay damage-free after all the sprays, gels, and hot tools we use day to day. While this is obviously a struggle for girls everywhere, models — especially during New York Fashion Week — might take the cake when it comes to the amount of damaging products and scorching hot tools they're exposed to. Their shiny locks always look so glossy and voluminous on the runway, but all it takes is a single glance backstage to understand just how much those same models' hair is put through (seriously, the faint smell of burnt hair kind of wafts around backstage).

So, if you've ever wondered how these lengthy-haired goddesses keep from permanently destroying their hair while jumping from show to show, we've got you covered. After interviewing a few NYFW stylists for their best hair recovery tips that the models — and RL women — can use to recover their hair health, we're brimming with secrets. Read on!

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